About Us

We are an Iraqi trading company working in the field of live livestock for more than 10 years (sheep and bulls) and animal feed. Imported from different origins such as South America (Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay) and Europe (Spain, Hungary) Australia to our farms in Iraq

Live cattle

(Bulla & Sheep)

Our farms adopt the highest international standards in importing livestock from various international origins, in addition to the presence of specialists in the field of livestock and veterinarians, who accompany the transfer of livestock via modern giant ships from the farms of the country of origin until they are delivered to our region. The farms provide the best types of meat to the Iraqi market, and those livestock are supervised by specialists in the field of feed as well as experts in livestock feed. Our farms contain warehouses for the manufacture and storage of feed equipped with the latest equipment.

Animal Feed

We supply our farms and the local market with the best types of animal feed from different origins and from local origins from our own farms, and we are keen to match international quality standards in terms of quality and storage
We are distinguished by our long experience in this field and our specialized staff who follow the goods from the source countries to our farm